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Frame designs


The main frame is one of the most eye catching features of the SportShifter kit, individualy designed for each car model to give it a unique appearance and allowing a smaller shift boot that flows smoothly to get that clean and sporty look.

Milled out of one solid block high grade aluminum using high tech machinery this frame is a far more techinical part than it seems at first sight, regardless of the chosen finish it distinguishes itself quickly from the cheap plastics used in many cars today and brings an incredible level of quality into the car.

-The F1 frame is the initial SportShifter design, a smooth round shaped frame that blends in perfectly with pretty much every car and interior. 

-The Rally frame has a more angular design with the (optional) addition of socket cap bolts, allowing for even more customization as the bolts are available in a variety of colors. The bolts only serve a cosmetic purpose and can be changed at any point.


 F1 design   





Our kits are offered in a variety of finishes to allow for full customization and to be able to match color schemes. Regardless of the chosen finish, the aluminum appearance and feel will be maintained as much as possible. 


-Blasted is our entry level finish that will leave a silver metallic finish without sacrificing the true look and feel of aluminum. 

-Brushed is our ultimate finish on bare aluminum, bringing out the very best (high grade) aluminum has to offer. Not that our kits don't stand out already, but in this finish it will truly transform your interior and bring it to the highest level.

-Anodized Black (matt/brushed) is one of the (standard) anodizing colors we offer, adding a dark black but very thin layer that is also very durable. By anodizing the parts, alot of the aluminum look and feel is retained.



Gearknob designs & weights


Our gearknobs are available in several designs and weights, build in a unique way from a combination of wood and/or lead with a modular system that allows you to swap the middle core section at any point in just a few minutes, either for a different weight or different upholstered version.

As our shift knobs are designed to be mounted very secured to the shaft of your linkage system and only a few millimeters from the very top, they will instantly transform the shifting experience regardless of the chosen weight. It feels solid and because of the lowered mounting point the travel of your hand is reduced to a minimum.

*Always contact SportShifters prior to ordering when having a short shifter system installed as additional or altered parts may be required in order to run them together.

-The flat ball shift knob is a 50mm. /2 in. diameter ball with flat top and bottom that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. As most part is upholstered with some of the finest materials, this gearknob has great appearance paired with the aluminium inserts but still allows for comfortable shifting during hot or cold periods.

-The GT1 shift knob is based on the flat ball, but with a smaller top insert and a sleeve that flows down smoothly to match perfectly with the round shaped F1 frame. This shift knob also allows perfect shifting during hot or cold periods as a large part is upholstered. Replaced by GT1R (only available on request)

-The GT1R is the updated version of the GT1 shift knob, with a smaller top insert and slightly more rounded. The lower insert is now also integrated in the shift knob core similar to the GT3 design.

-The cilinder style shift knob will make you shift in a different way, you can grab the gearknob with your hand twisted 90 degrees and push it forwards with the cavity of your thumb. Especially with a weighted version this means you can really catapult it into next gear and take full advantage of the added kinetic energy.

-The piston shift knob is smaller in diameter than the cilinder shift knob. With edgy inserts and a matching sleeve in the same style of the rally design main frame these make a perfect combination. Because of the sleeve design it is possible to grab the shift knob at the lower end and reduce shift throw even further.

-The P35CF is based on the Piston design, 35mm. diameter with slightly flattened edges and wrapped in twill weave carbon fibre.

*Heavy weight Piston and P35CF shift knobs weigh in at around 350 grams on certain models with a short shift stick.

-The GT3 is a full ball 53mm. shift knob, although only 3mm. larger in diameter then the GT1 it feels much bigger and works great with kits which require a longer sleeve for the shifter rod.


Light weight (~100 grams) - As you will have to set less than 100 gramms into motion, our lightweight gearknobs allow you to rapidly change gears and are perfectly suited for spirited driving or trackdays.

Medium weight (~250 grams) - For cars with a smooth drivetrain and low effort gear changes a medium weight gearknob may be more then sufficient to bring comfort to the highest level. Adding more weight can make gear changes feel slow and can take away the sharpness during spirited drives. For most VAG vehicles medium weight gives a good allround experience and noticable added weight over a standard unit. Also a great combination with many *short shift systems that will require more effort to select gears due to the altered pivot point.

Heavy weight (~400 grams) - If you want effortless shifting and ultimate comfort, heavy is the way to go. It will allow you to change gears with just a push of your finger. It also dampens vibrations and shocks to provide a comfortable place to rest your hand. Also a great combination with *short shift systems that require significantly more effort to select gears due to the altered pivot point.

3 packs will give you the ability to have a light, medium and heavy weight shift knob core to be able to swap at any moment within a few minutes. Having a heavy one installed for comfortable daily drives, medium for spirited drives in the weekend and lightweight for track days. If desired these can also be supplied with different upholsteries, please leave any additional preferences in the comments box at checkout or contact us prior to ordering.

3 pack + top inserts will also include two additional top inserts for the shift knob which can either be done in different finishes and/or with different shift pattern colors.

*Always contact SportShifters prior to ordering when having a short shifter system installed as additional or altered parts may be required in order to run them together.



Color bolts

For the Rally design main frame there's a variety of colors available for the bolts.

The bolts only serve a cosmetic purpose and can be swapped at any point in order to match a different color scheme.


Shift pattern


Shift patterns can be engraved into the aluminum top insert and will always match your specific car  original pattern, either 5 or 6 speed. 

Available in a regular font style and slanted font style.


Color shift pattern


For the shift pattern we offer a variety of (paint) colors, if your preferred color is not listed please contact us.


Custom engraving


Want to customize your kit even further? 

We can engrave and color code a personal logo, engine displacement or pretty much anything desired on top of the shift knob or into the surrounding.

Fill out your preference when ordering and we will e-mail CAD drawings for you to approve.